There is a call, there is an invitation, there is a stirring from the heart of God to raise up people to who hear His heart and to intercede as the Holy Spirit leads. This is the hour God is raising up an army of intercessors. In August 2019, God gave me a vision. I saw a map of Europe with a dry ground, and then I heard a travailing scream yelling “WAKE UP”. Then all of a sudden I saw fires all over the European map and I saw the ground being prepared for revival/awakening. It was like the Lord used His people as vessels through intercession and travailing prayer to open up the next move of God that He has prepared for the nations. The Lord wants to share His heart with us, He desires to walk with us, and share with us what He sees. God enjoys it when we declare back to Him who He is and what His promises are; He is Faithful and He will do what He has started.