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Here’s some information about who we are:

New Hope Mission Church (NHMC) is one of the three independent local churches of the New Hope Churches denomination. The NHMC has a Pentecostal-Charismatic background.

The vision of the NHMC

NHMC wants to be a Kingdom of God training and mission centre and a prophetic church community.

Missions and strategies

As a training centre for the Kingdom of God NHMC invests in teaching the Word of God, using the gifts and graces of grace, and discipling new believers. Teaching the Bible by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit strengthens and grows believers in the knowledge of Jesus Christ from the identity of the new creation (2 Cor 5:17). The NHMC recognises all five ministries of the Holy Spirit, whose common mission is to bring believers to maturity in Christ. In addition to NHMC’s own teachers, we work with teachers from other churches.

As a mission centre for the Kingdom of God, NHMC takes the gospel of the Kingdom of God near and far – “from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth”. We want to go ourselves, send others and support mission work in existing places with both funds and prayers. The main focus of our missionary work so far is on the Baltic countries. We support the missionary work of others, including: Papua New Guinea. The missionary work of our congregation bears the name New Hope Missions (NHM).

As a prophetic community, NHMC recognises the power of God and the authority of the Holy Spirit in the church. The NHMC focuses on prophetic praise and worship. As a training centre, the NHMC guides the use of the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit so that the Word of God can be confirmed through the signs that follow.

The NHMC organises Sunday services, prayer meetings and apostolic equipping days. You can find more information on the events on the home page.

NHMC participates in the “Best for Häme” cooperation (www.hameenparhaaksi.fi).

You are warmly welcome to our events!

New Hope Mission Local Church Government


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